Cycling 1000 Miles over 14 Days - how hard can it be?

Cycling 1000 Miles over 14 Days - how hard can it be?

We hope you’ve seen the ongoing updates we’ve been uploading about the progress of our charity bike ride, if not have a look on Facebook! We are so grateful to everyone who has donated so far, please keep them coming – it really does help us push words the finish line. It is one of the toughest challenges we have faced – both mentally and physically, so why are we doing it?

38,346 people around the globe will take their own lives over our 14 day ride

Here at Unmasked, the running of our vital services relies on donations and any funding, however as I’m sure you appreciate, there are a variety of well deserving organisations out there needing funding and there is only a set amount. It really isn’t easy for us, but we work very hard and do all we can due to the ongoing demand, and vital need of our services, we do all we can to continue offering support to women and men across the UK.

To ensure that the support is out there, our services are comprised on 3 main things: the free Unmasked App, the low-cost counselling service and free peer support hubs. These services have proved to be invaluable to individuals, who have remarked on how the app allows them to relate to others who understand what they are feeling.

A user of our low-cost counselling service commented on how sessions allow them to grow as an individual, and how excited they feel to work with our counsellors to address their issues.

Additionally, our free peer support hubs that run each Thursday evening in various locations by our trained volunteer facilitators, the hubs are a safe space for members of the community to come and both give and receive support, no judgment, it is all confidential and centred around ensuring individuals know people are there who care.

As a team, Logan, Doug and Andy, along with our third founder Robin (who has been kind enough to be the transportation driver and constant cheerleader), decided they wanted to do something BIG to raise money for our services, alongside promoting the message of Unmasked – to unmask the stigma – in as many places across the UK as possible.

Sure, they could’ve picked an easier challenge than cycling over 1000 miles, but they know first-hand dealing with mental health is not easy, it is gruelling, it is tiring and at times, it really pushes you beyond your limits, perhaps similar exhaustion to cycling the length of the country? Battling the stigma that is still associated with mental health is the cornerstone to Unmasked and all we do daily, to provide the much-needed help and support to individuals who feel they need it.

These people need us, and we need you. Please donate anything you can so we can continue running our services and being there for members of your community, work colleagues, neighbours, friends, and family. Thank you!

4 August 2021

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8 July 2021

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