Counselling in - COVID 19

Counselling in – COVID 19, lockdown edition.


So COVID comes along and puts a stop to face to face interaction for the time being. However, this does not mean you cannot seek some guidance or a listening ear from a therapist. 

This only means we now have to take our sessions online, via telephone/videocall or outside. Walking therapy is a fantastic alternative in the current situation, especially good for stress, depression, sleep issues, gaining clarity and decision making. 

I am not a technical whizz but I will try to accommodate your choice of media to the best of my ability. If there is a way I can of you the pearls of wisdom I have been gifted by other therapists, tutors, peers, books, blogs, articles and worksheets; I am more than happy to do so. I have availability from Monday afternoon through to Friday and some Saturday mornings. You can contact me via text, email, whatsapp or telephone.

For my contact details please see the ‘contact us’ page of our website


Why seek counselling?

Counselling changed my life. I decided to qualify as a counsellor in the hope that I can share the wealth of knowledge counselling has given to me. 

Face to face interaction is what I am about. I am a people person, (which is beneficial as I am shocking at admin) so I just do my best to understand interaction, relationships and feelings with the hope I can help my clients understand them too.

I’m a big fan of resources, articles and studying theories or ideas related to counselling and psychology but I am THE biggest fan of the use of humour (possibly some swearing) in the therapy room. I am real. I have felt the lowest of the low and dragged myself through some fairly hefty emotional turmoil and mental torture to be the 100% fully functioning being that I am today. 

Of-course I am joking about being 100% fully functioning, what is 100% anyway? We are human beings, unfortunately maths is one of my downfalls too, but I do know that none of us can be 100% of anything! It is ok not be ok. Mental health is a sliding scale that varies day to day (sometimes hour to hour) and counselling has been designed to help lighten the load. 

The point I am making here is: we therapists, counsellors and psychologists just try to get it, we try to understand you so you can understand you, The hope that there is some freedom and growth from finding yourself that can begin to squash the confused, sometimes fearful and doubtful thoughts you may hear yourself repeating. 


A global pandemic is a confusing and changeable time for us all. It's really REALLY good to talk. 


Thanks for reading - Lynsey