It's not as easy as it looks!

Calderdale cycling routes – putting me through my paces!


Whilst I continue to train for our upcoming Land’s End to John O’Groats cycling challenge this August, I am lucky enough to have a variety of different routes right on my doorstep that provide me the challenge to continue to push myself.

If you’d like to support us on our ride – you can donate through the link below. Anything is greatly appreciated.


My home borough of Calderdale is called by cycling fanatics as resembling the Alps of Pyrenees but on a much smaller scale. It is full of steep valleys, plenty of hills and never-ending stretches of road that allow me to really push myself to my limits.

One of my favourites is the Cragg Vale route which stems out of Mytholmroyd on the B6138 and is known for being the longest steady incline of any road in England – being over 5 and a half miles! When I first started training, I found the route tough, long, and a little boring – purely because it took me around 57 minutes, and although some may not think it impressive, I can now do it in 32 minutes which to me shows how much my momentum has increased.

If you know the area of Calderdale, then you will be aware that Quarry Hill is a novel cyclists’ nightmare. Its steep, and although only a quarter of a mile, its has plenty of bends – including s bends. Another thing that really challenges me is that it is the last hill before I get home, so I’m usually very exhausted by then. But like the Cragg Vale route, when I first began, I sometimes would be forced to walk my bike up Quarry Hill because I felt so drained, but now I can proudly ride up and feel the strong sense of accomplishment for doing so.

We are so excited for our team kit to be arriving this month from Primal, check out the picture below. You can now order this from Primal with donations feeding back into Unmasked so we can continue running our services, supporting women and men across the UK.


Any donation is hugely appreciated as it goes to continuing to run our services that support women and men across the UK.

18 March 2022



18 March 2022



18 March 2022