PTSD and ME.PTSD has been my loyal companion since as long as I can remember! I've never looked at her as PTSD, as she's just a regular attribute and common occurrence in my life but unfortunately, that is what it's named...

PTSD is irreversible, however, it can be learned to live with. My triggers can come from people shouting or just simply raising their voice; Flashbacks, dreams- also a very common issue- more often than not, sweating profusely during the night and waking up absolutely terrified. I get confused sometimes and place myself right back at the epicentre of the traumas.
If people look at me in a certain way... BOOM... She strikes again. Making me weak, afraid and reserved.

I can talk until the cows come home about how it makes me feel and affects nearly every single part of my life but the night is drawing fast and my eyes are heavy with deep thought and strain.

If you would like to read more on PTSD- please click the button below. If you think you are suffering and not been diagnosed, please see your doctor and get some help!

22 July 2022

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18 March 2022



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