You'll never do it!

You'll never do it!

Social media downtime. 

Every year for 5 years I have taken a social media break for lent. 40 days and 40 nights of nil social media, for me this equates to Facebook and Twitter, I don’t generally over indulge in much else, so these are my platforms of choice for the duration. Every year for 5 years I hear the noise of others "you'll never do it, I couldn't" Is that statement more about them or me...? 

The first year I did this I found it difficult, I craved the ’connection’ and my Fomo radar was on high alert. I’d even go as far to say that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the Blue Facebook logo.

This made me wonder what I was getting from social media. Was I addicted to it? I couldn’t give a monkeys how many likes I received and selfies with filters were not anything I ever gave much thought to (although I’d love to look like the filtered version of myself I’ve come to the conclusion that this is me - I don't have flawless skin,dog ears and my tongue stuck out). This is IT and IT’s only going to age and become a bit manky but I’m so grateful to be here, I know of others my age and younger who aren’t...

Anyway back to the social media thing. Do we crave social media or the internet or our phones or the ease of entertainment and information. We LOVE IT! Why shouldn’t we? As a single parent all those things combined were a haven to combat the quiet, sometimes lonely, mundane, often difficult and empty moments. I could be with my friends and cousins whom I adored whilst not being WITH them, feeling like I was social from afar when being physically connected wasn’t possible.

When then does this become a problem or addiction? If within family life our eyes and face look only at a screen and not at other eyes then I’m guessing we have an issue. If we are craving the internet when pursuing fun in the great outdoors or during mealtimes or intimate moments then we have to be aware there'a a problem. Without the knowledge that there is a problem we can't make a choice to address the problem and if it turns out it is a problem what solutions are out there for the problem? 

So I've begun looking into this and although the modern world offers little escape from the internet the real world does. Walking therapy and counselling are a great start into exploring the unknown world of addiction to the internet/smartphones/fomo which could easily become and epidemic...

18 March 2022



18 March 2022



18 March 2022



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