It’s here, the Unmasked video podcast on YouTube. Hope you enjoy

We are starting our journey into the video podcast world, Talking about all things Mental Health. Please have a look and if you enjoy it, leave us a comment, like and
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Unmasked Podcast 1 – The Journey begins
Unmasked Podcast 2 – He’s finally here
Unmasked Podcast 3 – Featuring Zoe Jones
Unmasked Podcast 4 – It’s like a broken leg..
Unmasked Podcast 5 – Featuring Rachel Gough
Unmasked Podcast 6 – Let’s just talk
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Unmasked Mental Health

UnMasked has been set up by 3 friends from Halifax, we have battled and overcome mental ill health first hand.
Now, we want to give something back!

Our goal is simple, to remove the stigma surrounding mental ill health, nationwide, and get people talking.

Our services are accessible to everyone, whether you’re an individual having a rough time, or if you’re an employer looking to give something back and look after your employee’s mental health and well-being.

Please like, share and follow our pages on social media, the more people we can reach, the more conversations we can start,
and the more lives we can save.

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