The Unmasked App

Support and be supported

Imagine an app where you can search a community of users who are in the same mood as you, be able to filter the same age, location and illness. Then be instantly connected with people that care.

That’s why we created the Unmasked Mobile App. Available on both, Apple and Android, you can connect, message and live chat. There is also the option to remain anonymous, ‘Masked’, or to reveal your full profile … connect and talk.

Our aim is simple, to provide somewhere safe to share your problems, to support others and be supported yourself.

Could you help a fellow human being or would you like to support yourself?

Join our community today that now spread across 67 countries

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How are you feeling?

One of the fantastic features of the Unmasked App is the "How are you feeling today"? feature. Let people know how you are feeling so they can support you in the best possible way. If you are looking to support others you can look for users who most need your help. It's a great way to show your feelings without getting too personal.

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Keep yourself private or Unmask yourself

The whole concept behind Unmasked is we want to create a secure and positive environment where you can freely chat to people for support or be supported. Unmasked App allows you to register completely anonymous either by your first name or a user name. No need for profile pictures and in-depth personal details, this is where you will be "masked".

Happy to show your details or show individual contacts your profile image and bio, no problem you can either change to be Unmasked to the whole community or just individuals you have built trust with. It is built to be flexible around you. Helping you build trust and support.

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Search for people who live with the same as you

Our search feature helps you find people who are living with the same as you. Search by age range, by how you are feeling or by location, it really helps you connect to the right users for support and help.

The Unmasked Mental Health App helps you connect and stay connected.

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Live Chat for instant support

If you connect with someone who is online you can send them an instant message. Live chat is a great way to connect to someone straight away to help or be supported. As live chat is only available if the other user is online we hope your chat will be instantly replied to.

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Message at your own pace

Don't want to chat but prefer to message someone at your own pace? The messaging service is available if you are offline or online so connecting is easy. If you receive a message you will get a push notification to reply. Two ways to keep connected to suit you.

“Our aim is simple, to provide somewhere to share your problems, support and be supported”.


Could you help a fellow human being or would you like to support yourself? Join our community today.

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