Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Mental Health is a serious subject. Nearly two-thirds of people say that they have experienced mental ill-health and evidence suggests that poor mental health is responsible for almost 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK. One of the biggest challenges with poor mental health is removing the stigma that surrounds it. Many don't hesitate to seek help for physical pain or problem, yet so many of us ignore emotional and mental health issues - or we feel too embarrassed, confused or scared to talk about them. 

This Mental Health webinar is designed to help you spot the signs and symptoms and encourage you to discusses mental health the way you would a headache or the flu, and it encourages you to take care of yourself as you would a loved one. 

This course raises awareness, it explains how to approach mental health and remove stigma; and it also provides simple tools, tips and ideas for day-to-day wellbeing-management (for yourself and others).Happy staff equal healthier, more productive and more successful staff. Put simply, good mental health is a win-win for every employee and their organisation. 

This webinar will be provided as a video link for your staff using any video meeting platform. Helping your employees create a good work-life balance understand the signs and symptoms to look out for when working from home to help maintain positive mental health. We all know that we need to talk about our life struggles, but we don't feel comfortable doing so... 

overview (1-hour webinar) 

  • What is Mental Health? 
  • What is work life balance? 
  • How stress can impact our work life balance. 
  • The importance of maintaining a good work life balance. 
  • How to maintain a good work life balance. 
  • Spotting signs and symptoms in friends and colleagues. 
  • Workplace EAP's 

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